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Developer dotBunny Founding Date July 14, 2006 Shipped Projects 137 Engaged Gamers 1,700,000+ Open Source Projects 10 Open Sources Downloads 380,000+ Clients 95
Point of Contact Website Mailing Address 2492 Denure Drive
Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 0B3


dotBunny is an independent game studio. We make games and tools that excite our users, work with awesome companies, and contribute actively to the community.


Early History

dotBunny was founded in 2006 by Matthew Davey, shortly before he dropped out of university. Having already a few successful startups under his belt, the company found initial success in creating advert-gaming solutions for a wide variety of past clients and new ones, allowing for moderate expansion and a transition into the educational game market and peripheral game development. While none of these early titles received much commercial success, some of this early work was featured by engine developers. In 2010, Unity placed footage of "Flight of the Kelvins" in their press package, which in turn saw visibility at GDC and across many other properties.

Recent History

For the last couple of years dotBunny has worked in the trenches with inXile Entertainment on Torment: Tides of Numenera (released February 28, 2017), as well as focusing on the creation of high quality industry recognized toolsets. The SceneTrack project (aka GCAP) has received international recognition as it gets shown off at conventions around the world. In July 2016, Matthew Davey founded the local PTBO Game Jam, with the help of the dotBunny team. A bi-annual not-for-profit event with the directive of engaging the local community with the video game industry to form long term relationships. dotBunny is currently in early production of its own intellectual property.

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