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We Make Games

dotBunny is an awesome independent game studio operating stealthily out of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada for over 10 years.

We make games and tools that excite our users. Sometimes we provide consultation and development support to awesome companies as well. We love our community and actively contribute to and maintain numerous open source projects, work with numerous educational institutions to help the next generation of game developers, as well as incubate the PTBO Game Jam.

By embracing a borderless work environment and empowering our team with the right tools, we continue to outperform and out-deliver larger organizations in providing support in and around the video game industry.

VSCode Unity Integration

We Are Awesome

While some individuals will throw around the term "awesome" without an understanding of the gravity of such a narrative, we understand and accept the responsibility of such a branding.

There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing gamers enjoying a title we have worked on, or a developer using a toolset that we have produced. It is this sense of reward that drives our company forward and guides our decision-making processes. We continue to strive to be responsible and active in the community around us by supporting local charities and events such as the PTBO Game Jam.

137 Shipped Projects

That is a lot of projects! Kelvin Adventures was one of the first properties we developed from scratch. It resonated so well with children that it was adapted into a franchise of educational games used throughout Canada.

10 Open Source Projects

We make all sorts of crazy tools to help us with our tasks. While some people suggest that we should be monetizing them, we are of the mindset that giving back to the community is just as important.

380,000+ Developers

Releasing some of our toolsets as open source to the community has proven to be a rewarding venture with many unexpected benefits. Our tools are used by thousands of developers around the world helping them to realize their dreams. There is no price tag that can be put on the feeling that gives us.

1,700,000+ Gamers

Using Steam ownership figures (SteamSpy), properties that we have worked on grace an incredible number of gamers’ libraries. There is nothing but pride when it comes to that number, and the doubling down of efforts to grow it.

95 Happy Clients

Our fun-loving attitude coupled with a great work ethic, matched with the nasty habit of always over delivering seems to keep our clients happy and coming back for more. We have built a reputation of delivering on impossible tasks and staying on budget.

11 Years In Business

We have been around quite some time, beating the spread, thriving and surviving. Times have not always been perfect, but our hard work and dedication has let us continue to do what we love.

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